I want to celebrate the simplified image. The synthesis that occurs when I do not paint from reality but from the memory coloured by the emotion stirred up by it. I aspire to paint the object, landscape or figure the way my imagination perceives it. This then frees me to disregard the shapes and colours of what may be in front of me, using them instead as a jumping off point,to express their effects on my emotions. The shapes on the canvas are no longer meant to portray reality, but rather the impression left on the memory by that reality.
It is as well to paint what you like , how you like, and not have to take into account the modern trends.
To follow fashion will inevitably lead you to become out of fashion. To remain true to oneself is timeless…
In 50 -100 years time whether you were 10 -15 years behind the trend will be of no importance whatsoever.


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